JSON representation of the Zotero data model
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Zotero Data Schema

This repo contains a schema file providing most of the information necessary for working with the Zotero data model. The file is served from the Zotero API at https://api.zotero.org/schema.

The schema file contains a JSON object with the following top-level properties:

  • version: The version number of the schema
  • itemTypes: A list of item types and their associated fields and creator types.
  • meta: Additional field info, such as which fields are date fields
  • csl: CSL type/field/creator mappings for converting between Zotero data and CSL JSON
  • locales: Localized strings for item types, fields, and creator types in all locales supported by Zotero

Downloading the schema from your app

The schema file is large, so be sure your apps HTTP client is passing Accept-Encoding: gzip with the download request. Cache the file along with its ETag header and, when checking for updates, make a conditional request using If-None-Match: <ETag>. In most cases, you will receive a 304 and should continue using the cached version.