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The Gadgets extension provides a way for users to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other wiki users provide.

See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Gadgets for more documentation.

The Gadgets extension was originally written by Daniel Kinzler in 2007 and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).


This version of Gadgets requires MediaWiki 1.27 or later. To get a version compatible with an earlier MediaWiki release, visit ExtensionDistributor/Gadgets.


Copy the Gadgets directory into the extensions folder of your MediaWiki installation. Then add the following lines to your LocalSettings.php file (near the end):

wfLoadExtension( 'Gadgets' );


See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Gadgets#Usage


  • Gadgets do not apply to Special:Preferences, Special:UserLogin and Special:ResetPass so users can always disable any broken gadgets they may have enabled, and malicious gadgets will be unable to steal passwords.


  • $wgGadgetsRepoClass: configures which GadgetRepo implementation will be used to source gadgets from. Currently, "MediaWikiGadgetsDefinitionRepo" is the recommended setting and default. The "GadgetDefinitionNamespaceRepo" is not ready for production usage yet.
  • $wgSpecialGadgetUsageActiveUsers: configures whether or not to show active user stats on Special:GadgetUsage. True by default.