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Citizen is a beautiful, usable, responsive MediaWiki skin that makes extensions part of the cohesive experience. It was initially created for the Star Citizen Wiki but is flexible to run on various MediaWiki configurations.

Live demo: English, German, Chinese

For the old design, click here for the last release.

Notable features

  • Responsive layout: Responsive and able to adapt to different screen sizes. 📱💻🖥️
  • Light/dark mode: Switch between light and dark mode. ☀️🌙
  • Improved extension UI: Adjust supported extensions to be more usable and cohesive. 🤝🔗
  • Reading preferences: Adjust page width, font size, and line height. 👀📃
  • Collapsible sections: Collapse and expand article sections. 📖📕
  • Persistent ToC: Access ToC anywhere in the article. 🔍📖
  • Rich search suggestions: More helpful search suggestions with images and descriptions. 🔍👀
  • Progressive Web App: Give a more app-like experience when user add your wiki to their home screen. 📱

Extension styles

Citizen overrides some extension styles through skinStyles that applies custom styling to extensions and core libraries.

  • Grade A - Overhaul - Major adjustments to UI, plus Grade B.
  • Grade B - Dynamic - Colors are converted into CSS variables, little to none style adjustments.
  • Grade E - Legacy - Dark mode colors are hardcored as LESS variables. These should be updated to at least Grade B support.

Please feel free to submit PRs if you want to add support for more extensions!


Name Grade Version Last updated
MediaWiki UI A 1.39.0 2022-11-30
Codex A 0.1.1 2022-12-01
OOUI A 0.44.3 2022-11-30


Name Grade Version Last updated
AdvancedSearch B REL1_39 3a0eed7 2022-12-12
AJAXPoll A REL1_39 8429d8d 2022-10-25
ApprovedRevs B N/A N/A
Babel B MLEB 2021.07 2021-07-29
Capiunto B REL1_35 30049a7 2021-08-26
Cargo B REL1_35 df13273 2021-08-31
CategoryTree B N/A N/A
CentralNotice B REL1_35 4aa2a8f 2022-06-16
Cite A N/A N/A
CleanChanges B MLEB 2021.07 2021-07-29
CookieWarning A REL1_35 3c2ae6a 2022-04-29
DiscussionTools A REL1_35 7aa0a9b 2022-05-06
DismissableSiteNotice A N/A N/A
Echo A REL1_35 347c30e 2021-08-11
Flow (StructuredDiscussions) B REL1_35 e3379f0 2022-04-27
Graph B N/A N/A
Interwiki B REL1_35 a65a18e 2022-05-15
Lingo B REL1_35 e948775 2022-04-29
Math B REL1_35 b7a7939 2022-08-16
ManageWiki B master 60a2f51 2022-06-16
MediaSearch A REL1_39 e0aa7bb 2022-12-09
MsUpload A REL1_35 32eb420 2021-08-25
MultimediaViewer A REL1_39 1b97775 2022-11-26
OAuth B REL1_35 451ed95 2021-08-31
Popups A REL1_39 a40ebc1 2022-11-28
PortableInfobox B 0.6 16a77dc 2022-04-14
RelatedArticles A REL1_39 f513e5c 2022-11-16
RevisionSlider B REL1_35 4c4e368 2022-06-02
Semantic MediaWiki A 4.0.2 0fcdfce 2022-10-21
Semantic Result Formats E N/A N/A
SimpleTooltip B N/A 2022-02-19
Tabber A N/A N/A
TabberNeue A 1.3.1 656f396 2022-10-23
TimedMediaHandler B N/A N/A
Translate B MLEB 2021.07 2021-07-29
UniversalLanguageSelector B MLEB 2021.12 2022-05-17
UploadWizard A N/A N/A
VisualEditor A REL1_35 cc3466a 2021-08-04
Wikibase B REL1_35 7bb503b 2022-05-11
WikiEditor A REL1_39 02e1c70 2022-11-08
WSSearchFront B 3.5.4 c27ebcb5 2021-11-23

Some of the field are tagged as N/A because the information was not tracked before. If you are interested in adding skinstyles, please check out this page on the wiki!


  1. Download place the file(s) in a directory called Citizen in your skins/ folder.
  2. Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php and after all other extensions: wfLoadSkin( 'Citizen' );
  3. ✔️Done - Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the skin is successfully installed.


The skin works out of the box without any configurations. The config flags allow more customization on the specific features in the skin. Check out this wiki page on how to adapt Citizen styles on your wiki.


Name Description Values Default
$wgCitizenEnableCollapsibleSections Enables or disable collapsible sections on content pages true - enable; false - disable true
$wgCitizenShowPageTools The condition of page tools visibility true - always visible; login - visible to logged-in users; permission - visible to users with the right permissions true
$wgCitizenGlobalToolsPortlet ID of the portlet to attach the global tools string
$wgCitizenUseNumberFormatter Use NumberFormatter for site statistics, which allows formatting number in a localized way true - enable; false - disable true
$wgCitizenThemeColor The color defined in the theme-color meta tag Hex color code #131a21

Search suggestions

Name Description Values Default
$wgCitizenSearchModule Which ResourceLoader module to use for search suggestion skins.citizen.search; mediawiki.searchSuggest; string skins.citizen.search
$wgCitizenSearchGateway Which gateway to use for fetching search suggestion mwActionApi; mwRestApi; string mwActionApi
$wgCitizenSearchDescriptionSource Source of description text on search suggestions (only takes effect if $wgCitizenSearchGateway is mwActionApi) wikidata - Use description provided by WikibaseLib or ShortDescription; textextracts - Use description provided by TextExtracts; pagedescription - Use description provided by Description2 or any other extension that sets the description page property textextracts
$wgCitizenMaxSearchResults Max number of search suggestions Integer > 0 6


Name Description Values Default
$wgCitizenThemeColor The color defined in the theme-color meta tag Hex color code #11151d


  • MediaWiki 1.39.0 or later

  • For the legacy versions, check the other release branches.