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The AdvancedSearch extension enhances Special:Search by providing an advanced parameters form and improving how namespaces for a search query are selected.


This is a mediawiki extension. Consequently its functionality is tested in integration with a mediawiki installation and the global libraries it provides. The dependencies in package.json try to mimic up-to-date versions of these dependencies for e.g. IDE support, but will not actually be obeyed when using AdvancedSearch in a wiki.


For configuration options please see the settings documentation.

Adding More Fields

Please see the "Adding Fields to AdvancedSearch" documentation to learn how you can add new fields for other search keywords to AdvancedSearch.


This project uses npm and grunt to run JavaScript-related tasks (e.g. linting). Docker and docker-compose can be used to ease installation.


docker-compose run --rm js-build npm install

Run Linting

docker-compose run --rm js-build grunt

Running the QUnit tests

Run MediaWiki and then hit this page in your browser: