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Replace Text Extension

        Version 1.8
        Yaron Koren, Niklas Laxström and others

This is free software licenced under the GNU General Public Licence. Please
see for further details, including the
full text and terms of the licence.

== Overview ==

Replace Text is an extension to MediaWiki that creates a new special page,
Special:ReplaceText, available to anyone who has the 'replacetext'
privilege, that does a text find-and-replace on all pages in the wiki,
selectable by namespace. Both the contents of pages and their titles can be
modified. The search is case-sensitive.

Since the replacement is not undoable, if the replacement string is
blank or a string that is already contained in the wiki, the 'ReplaceText'
page prompts the user to confirm the replacement before it is performed.

Each replacement shows up as a wiki edit, with the administrator who
performed the replacement appearing as the user and an edit summary that
looks like "Text replacement: 'search string' to 'replacement string'".

For more information, see the extension homepage at:

== Requirements ==

This version of the Replace Text extension requires MediaWiki 1.32 or higher.

== Installation ==

To install the extension, place the entire 'ReplaceText' directory within
your MediaWiki 'extensions' directory, then add the following line to your
'LocalSettings.php' file:

     wfLoadExtension( 'ReplaceText' );

In order to perform replacements, you must have the 'replacetext' permission;
if you are an administrator on your wiki, the easiest way to do this is to
also add the following line:

     $wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['replacetext'] = true;

== Contact ==

Comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports are welcome, and can
be placed on the Talk page for the extension, or sent to Yaron at